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In four steps against panic attacks

Every fifth one experiences at least a panic attack once in the life. She comes from the trifle apparently and arouses strong fear. What early measures against it look

With his refusal he shocked his audience. And lack of understanding, mockery, scorn, reaped. The blues singers' Andreas Kümmert had the pre-decision the Eurovision won song co. test - and handed in his title last year. He simply cannot go to Vienna where he should be Germany represented and the winner of the music row found out.
Already alone the idea as the attention and the expectations of the public would roll over him at a possible victory brought with the young man to this that all defence systems his organism has to offer started at most. That every rest of reason like a diffuse dream escaped him, was simply no longer available. Because everything which ruled over him was panic.

Panic disturbance: Fear returns again and again

"Every fifth experiences a panic attack once in the life, a panic disturbance develops at almost four per cent in Germany", says Professor Andreas Ströhle. The psychiatrist conducts the working group fear illnesses at the Charite in Berlin. At a panic disturbance the fear returns again and again. Simple either so, apparent from the trifle, or in certain situations. Places with many people or full department stores are typical triggers. The more distinctively the illness, the more determine her the weekday the persons affected.

Panic is extreme: Every heartbeat is noticeably, from time to time painful. One sweats, trembles, has the feeling to get no more air. Fear of suffering a heart attack or stroke boils highly. The fear of being shifted there is because everything gets unreal around one. One wants to run away - what does not go because the fear comes. And everything culminates in the fear of dying. However, what does not happen.

Panic attack abates after half an hour

"A panic attack is harmless in the reason", says Professor Manfred Beutel, director of the clinic for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy at the university clinical complex Mainz. And she passes by again, too. As a rule, within the first ten minutes the attack reaches her highlight, after approximately half an hour she has faded away. Our body could not maintain the extreme condition at all longer.

The alarm-reaction is even healthy, looked evolutionary. She shall draw our attention to the risk and us - depending on how we assess the situation - help flight or fight to get. Our attention is increased. The body secretes the stress hormone adrenaline, puts the vessels narrowly, pumps out more blood by the veins and prepares the muscles on this that they must work soon.

4 steps, handle around panic attacks

Putting feelings in order: Try to realize that you have a fear amount which passes by again. Your life is not in danger.

Living more healthily: A conscious lifestyle helps to lower the probability for renewed panic attacks. Avoid substances which can make panic grow, for example nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. You eat and sleep regularly.

Trusting the body of one's own: Do not mind your health despite panic symptoms like heart lawn. At the sports for example you notice that a fast pulse also arises from a physical exercise and a normal reaction is. So you learn to trust your body again.

Taking over the leadership: Try to have yourself determined not of the fear in the weekday. Do not retire and do not avoid situations which you worry.

Symptom of a fear disturbance

This lies then, if nowadays panic seizes us although we do not contrast with a tiger in the wild, "at a bundle of risk factors and possible causes", expert Beutel says. So the disposition can be bequeathed for a generalized fear disturbance. One knows meanwhile, moreover, that excessive alcohol consumption and psycho-active substances like cannabis or stimulants like cocaine favor the attacks. And finally illness events, approximately heart attacks, also play a role.

It primarily is also a question of the personality structure how delicate a man is for panic attacks, however. Does he have confidence in the life and in himself generally? How well can somebody avoid, put in order and process her with fears? Does he have a strategy to get finished with stress? Does he recognize himself at all that he is in a stressful, emotionally difficult situation? Much of this gets acquired and learned already in the childhood. Whoever got over-sheltered has it more heavily. Sentences child put you in bed and cure you completely so that you get not even iller as, if the nose runs a bit, not help to strengthen the confidence in the power of resistance of the body of one's own.

Stress overtakes the brain

"Who was neglected and did not get enough support and security also emotionally, has a substandard risk for fear illnesses anyway" if bag. We need the certainty that we can turn to our relationship persons in case of danger. Will that somebody already help us and take care of us. This kind of confidence makes calm.

Train often breaks the panic for herself namely in difficult life situations in which the stress standard is high. "If I am extremely busy with many things, the brain is overtaxed sometime and has less resources to steer the fear network correctly", explains psychiatrist Andreas Ströhle.

Everybody reacts to panic differently

Which of these possible factors must come together so that the panic comes over somebody is individually differently - exactly the way how persons affected handle the experience.

The attack catches up with the one on the sofa in the evening in front of the television set. Apparent from the trifle. He nevertheless tackles the whole rationally, makes an appointment with the family doctor the next day. He wants to have clarified, whether with his organs everything is okay. All results are unobtrusive. This is, around the occurrence than for his further life insignificant enough for him check off.

The fear does not let others off even if the panic attack is already behind longer. The fear has himself burned in her memory deeply. You brood, go through the experienced again and again. All possible illnesses which could have her color themselves.

Persons affected frequently get into a spiral at which they develop fear of the fear. Whoever has approximately a panic attack in the subway avoids journeys with a public transport perhaps in future. If the fear has caught up with him in the elevator, he takes stairs as of now. This is a normal reaction, however, promotes that the difficulties harden. The person affected lets possibly himself be conducted by his fear.

Early help is worthwhile

Because the symptoms of a panic attack are relatively non-specific and because the patients frequently cannot allow themselves that stress, dispelled conflicts or feelings torment her, it often lasts for several years until the diagnosis panic disturbance is made. However, the illness then can relatively be treated well.

A therapy in which the patients face her fear and think out what exactly she puts under stress can achieve successes. "This works approximately 80 per cent of the cases", says Ströhle. The earlier one starts with that, the better the chances of recovery. The fear illness is strongly distinctive or problems like depressions come added to that, doctors use in addition psycho pharmacological drugs like Xanax or Elavil. This medicine can regulate the fear network activated increased in the brain.

Some people also fear to be excluded if they surrender the true reason for her condition. How the history of the blues singer shows Andreas Kümmert sometimes well unfortunately rightly. Meanwhile, he represents concerts - smaller in the province again. They are frequently sold out. Cares professional help, a therapist, looked. He has canceled no more appearance since then.